Material testing solutions

Metravib provides research and industrial laboratories with the most advanced instruments for the characterization of the viscoelastic properties and thermo-mechanical properties of materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

With its strong capacity of innovation and its renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurement technologies and physics of materials, Metravib has developed a unique range of instruments focused on DMA and fatigue testing offering unmatched capabilities.

Metravib provides you with Testing instruments and services for the measurement and the analysis of:

  • Viscoelastic properties
  • Glass transition
  • Secondary transitions
  • Master curves calculation
  • High frequency testing


  • Payne/Mullins effect of elastomers
  • Heat build up of elastomers
  • Fatigue life time
  • Crack growth testing
  • Creep and stress relaxation
  • Long term creep prediction

Your test system adapted to your material characterization needs

From desktop compact and cost-effective DMA to the most advanced modular DMA, or a fully automated system for intensive continuous testing around the clock, you can get a testing system perfectly adapted to your materials characterization need.


High force DMA+series

DMA+300, DMA+1000, DMA+2000


Desktop DMA series

DMA25 and DMA50


Fatigue testing machines


Fatigue Heat Build-Up testing module


Fatigue crack growth testing module


High frequency DMA testing



Automated systems for DMA+ Series