Noise and vibration performance enhancement

Acoustic and vibration-related problems often arise in complex environments. Constraints such as temperature, size, equipment compatibility, weight and performance requirements frequently mean that standard solutions are not an option.

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In such situations Metravib will bring its expertise to support your project team and help design and develop efficient mechanical solutions, tailored measurement systems and/or perform relevant digital studies. Possible solutions include dedicated mechanisms, suspension systems, impact protection systems, special calculation software, and control systems for end-of-line measurements (quality control tools).

Metravib team of engineers and technicians can look after the entire development process: from a feasibility study with a demonstration model, up to prototyping and qualification, manufacturing, performance validation and acceptance tests.

Solving noise and vibration issues

Our approach is always open to all possibilities and follow a strict way of solving noise and vibration issues. Our tools allow to perform any signal processing and analysis, even if an intelligent eye on a time waveform is sometime sufficient. As for solutions, Metravib uses advanced numerical simulations for solving critical issues or just will guide and assist you to propose simple cost effective implementations.

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