high frequency dma testing instrument

High Frequency DMA testing

Most of conventional DMA are limited to a few 10Hz and make necessary to extrapolate the data through WLF calculation to obtain high frequency properties.  VHF104 is an innovative Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer that applies a direct experimental method to measure the material viscoelastic properties over a very high frequency range from 100Hz up to 10kHz.
A typical frequency sweep with VHF104 requires only a few minutes, while the test with a conventional DMA requires applying a low frequency sweep over numerous temperature stages during several hours, making necessary further WLF calculation. VHF104 allows optimizing the laboratory’s productivity by fulfilling industrial requirements for the rapid analysis of large numbers of materials formulations.

High frequency mechanical testing of rubbers

Metravib VHF104 assets

  • High frequency testing range: from 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Direct measurement without extrapolation
  • Temperature range: from -50°C to 110°C
  • Strain range: up to 30%
  • Frequency sweep: short test duration (a few minutes)
high frequency dma test
high frequency viscoelastic properties measurement

Metravib VHF104 applications

  • Direct analysis of viscoelastic properties of rubber materials up to 10kHz
  • Extrapolation up to 1MHz with WLF calculation