Let’s the DMA specialist take care of your material DMA testing!

Take advantage of the expertise and the long experience of the renowned specialist in Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to get the testing service that you need.

Our laboratory with the whole range of METRAVIB DMA instruments can be yours! 

For DMA testing as for fatigue testing including Heat Build Up and Crack growth testing.

It includes :

  • Desktop DMA
  • High force DMA
  • Automated DMA
  • High frequency DMA

Take part to the tests campaign definition and launching, even assist to the most interesting part of it, in order to improve your knowledge in DMA technique.

Let’s our specialists advise you of the most adapted testing methods regarding your materials and problematic.

And get the best of the capabilities of METRAVIB DMA .

What your benefits can be:

  • Limited cost
  • Assistance for developing industrial DMA testing methods
  • Full handling of test campaign definition
  • Improvement of your knowledge in DMA technique 
  • Specifying the most appropriate test methods
  • Specimen preparation and dimensioning
  • Detailed test report including expertise and comments of DMA experts 
  • Efficient solution when your lab is overbooked

Main DMA uses reminder:

  • Viscoelastic properties measurement: Young Modulus E*, Shear modulus G*, Tan Delta
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to temperature
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to strain
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to stress
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to frequency
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to humidity
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to time
  • Viscoelastic properties dependence to immersion in  a liquid bath
  • Glass temperature determination
  • Secondary transitions determination
  • High frequency testing
  • Master curve computation (WLF)
  • Payne/Mullins effect analysis
  • Tire performance prediction (rolling resistance, wet grip…)
  • Curing/polymerization process follow up
  • Fatigue testing
  • Heat Build Up testing
  • Crack growth testing
  • Creep and stress relaxation
  • Long term creep prediction (TTS)
  • Compression tests
  • Tensile tests