HUMS & Digital Twins

“Monitor health and usage of a structure or an equipment from dedicated measurements and tools to improve its reliability.”



Improve reliability

The life cycle of a product begins with the design phase and ends at its operational phase. 

The requirements for more and more reliability and the increasingly short time to market durations led METRAVIB to develop and propose methods to support its customers in order to validate and guarantee the reliability of their products following all V cycle phases.

Reliability is nowadays increasingly controlled from design to validation. However it often leads to oversizing the equipment or structures according to the risk of failure accepted. It does not always manage properly the great variability of uses or mechanical environment.


Health structure monitoring

Usage monitoring and health monitoring of structure exposed to severe mechanical environments is not so usual during operational phases. 

However, a proper HUMS strategy leads to:

  • Reduce the uncertainty on reliability by controlling usages and the environement
  • Provide maintenance assistance by monitoring the structure health status
  • Simplify and reduce the need for instrumentation by usine machine learning tools to build a virtual sensor, a digital twin or a prediction model of the health status of the monitored structure

To go further please download our white paper on HUMS and Reliability issues.


How to make the difference?

  • Monitoring from multi-physics measurements data acquired 24/7 in easily instrumentable areas.
  • Health status obtained from a physical model of the structure.
  • Development of a meta-model or digital twin trained to predict the health status, possibly using multiple measurement campaigns
  • Meta-model training based on machine learning methods
  • Generic methods applicable to all structures


  • Classification of usages for vehicles in transit
  • Monitoring the health status of underwater structures from surface measurements
  • Design of railway equipment box subject to variable loads, vibrations and shocks
  • Specification of an endurance test for electrical equipment mounted on a vehicle from its actual environment
  • Monitoring the main organs of a wind turbine
  • Monitoring of the state of health of pipelines
  • Fault detection