North America: a new partner for METRAVIB!

North America: a new partner for METRAVIB! The METRAVIB team is proud to announce a new collaboration with C-Therm Technologies Ltd. C-Therm has been selected to represent the DMA product line in the United States and Canada. Hugues Baurier, METRAVIB’s Global Sales Manager, spoke to the value of partnering with C-Therm in North [...]

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METRAVIB is 50 years old!

METRAVIB is 50 years old! In 1969 one of the very first DMA worldwide was developed by METRAVIB to address the Engineering group needs of characterizing viscoelastic properties of the polymer materials used to reduce the noise generated by military submarines. From this original prototype METRAVIB became aware of the importance of [...]

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25-27 February, Tire Technology Expo 2020

25-27 February, Tire Technology Expo 2020 Now in its 20th year, Tire Technology EXPO is Europe’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference. This new issue will take place in Hannover (Germany) from February 25 to 27. Come and discover the latest METRAVIB DMA+ series capabilities and celebrate with us [...]

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AUTOMOTIVE TECHDAYS, 16-20 November Automotive Techdays is an event organized by CARA, a European cluster for mobility solutions. It will take place in Lyon from November 19 to 21. This event will gather around 35 technology providers for the automotive industry to present their innovative projects on Energy and Connectivity and [...]

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SOLVAY robotizes its DMA tests with Xpander

SOLVAY robotizes its DMA test with Xpander SOLVAY (formerly Rhodia) invented high-performance silica in the 1990s and is now a world leader in this technology. The company has focused primarily on the market for low-energy tires now under development by leading tire manufacturers. Silica is used to reinforce the elastomer compounds that [...]

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