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From design and products to the search for solutions, Metravib is continuously helping manufacturers, design offices and laboratories in their quest for ever more reliable and higher-performing products.

Take advantage of the most advanced Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers!

Metravib provides research and industrial laboratories with the most advanced instruments for the characterization of the viscoelastic properties and thermo-mechanical properties of materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

With its strong capacity for innovation and its renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurement technologies and physics of materials, Metravib has developed a unique range of instruments focused on DMA and fatigue testing offering unmatched capabilities.

Introducing Metravib solutions!

Metravib offers its expertise in the field of noise and vibration engineering, combined with its know-how in system reliability.

A special focus is presently set on fatigue design, durability assessment and lightweight structures, in direct link with most important issues regarding optimal use of available resources and contributing to reduce environmental impact.

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Follow our experts and discover methods, best practices, and illustrative examples related to data engineering and project management related to Acoustics, Vibration, Material Testing, and Durability!

In the age of IOT, connected objects, big data, and artificial intelligence we considered that without physics, AI is not really existing in our domain. The success of our approach is a good balance between physics and machine learning.

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In almost all industrial sectors reliability requirements are becoming more and more stringent and “time to market” intervals are increasingly shorter, leading Metravib to develop and offer methods for supporting our clients to validate and guarantee the reliability of their products during all the phases of their lifetime, from design to operations.

This white book gives you more insight into field proven approaches and methods.

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